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This Is The Future Of Electric Cars

The Renault Kangoo may be the lest exciting car of all time, but the one you see above is possibly the most important car ever built. That's because its running on a special road which is charging it as it drives at speeds of up to 100kph.

The technology is Qualcomm's and the track is Vedecom's. Between them they have built a solution which can charge multiple vehicles, at speed, at a charge rate of up to 20 kw/h.

Part of a European Union project to investigate the feasibility of dynamic wireless charging (DEVC) this promises to deliver a killer blow for EVs. With no range anxiety and constantly recharged batteries, why would you ever consider something that burns fossil fuel?

It would be good to see this technology embedded in Formula E cars at some stage in the future - even built into a slightly longer track loop which challenges drivers to either top off their battery at the cost of a time penalty or try to eke out a charge with the benefit of the shorter run.

In any case this promises to bring pit stops without the 'stop' to road and race cars.

In the meantime Vedecom will be continuing testing on behalf of the EU at its test track outside of Paris. No word on when this will be available for general consumption, but the sooner the better in my opinion.