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Here's Another Example Of Why You Should Be Fighting To Save The NHS

The NHS is the greatest thing about the UK, even now after decades of political dismantling of the service by successive governments - including the Labour government under Tony Blair. 
If you want an example of what it will be like if that dismantling is allowed to run to its conclusion, then have a read of this post on Vox. Does that sound any kind of way to run a health service. 
So why are UK governments trying to dismantle such a worthy and valuable service?
Fear of rising costs and a reluctance to increase taxes, that's why. At some point during the late eighties a government think tank somewhere told ministers that the growing population, extended life spans and the greater survival rate for certain chronic diseases was going to create a crippling tax burden. 
Privatisation was the desired answer. However public opinion would have crucified that government, its ministers and their party for all of history.

Instead a plan was devised to turn public opinion against the NHS and ove…
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I Can't Believe They Put Senna's Name On This Monstrosity

This is the McLaren Senna, the British F1 team's road / track car for 2019. It's hideous, even when compared to other McLarens. Putting Ayrton Senna's name on it is a travesty.
If any car deserves to carry Senna's name and trademark double S it's the Honda NSX, a nameplate which Senna is inextricably linked with.
Senna may have win his three Championships with McLaren, but he never was and, on this evidence, never should be, linked to one of their road cars.

Android Go Is Google's Push Into India As A Growth Market

Google is already thinking about the next billion Android users and where they might come from. For most of them the answer is India.
Now India is already the second largest smartphone market in the world, with an estimated 400m smartphone users to date. However the expected growth of the population of the country, plus riding living standards suggests that number will not than double over the next decade.

Which is why Google launched Android Go in India on Tuesday, bringing its efforts there into these spotlight.

Android Go is designed to run on very low end hardware, retailing at as low as $25. This is a version of the platform which not only packs much lighter demands, but runs lighter versions of Google's apps and features a Play Store which highlights apps that will work well on those low end phones. 

It's a strategy which will play out well in India, where a smartphone is the only computer most users will ever get to see. 

And what works well in India will inevitably work wel…

Amazon Echo Heading South, Officially In Australia And NZ Next Year

Amazon will be bringing Alexa to Australia and New Zealand next year as part of its roll out of services to the Antipodes. With Google Home having just launched in Australia, customers will have a choice of home assistants fist the first time.
Amazon recently opened its Australian store for business and brought it's Prime Video service to both Australia and New Zealand last year.
There are a number of Echo devices which have found their way to New Zealand unofficially and these are already starting to see local skills appear. The official launch will only boost the utility of these devices.

Google doesn't officially sell the Home in NZ, however a number of grey imports have made their way across the ditch.

The absence of Apple's HomePod might give Amazon a slight head start here in NZ, however Apple's historically quicker roll-out of services internationally will almost certainly see it takes the lead in this market when it does launch.

Microsoft Edge Hits One Million Downloads On Android

Microsoft's Edge browser had taken a little over a week to hit one million downloads, as the appeal of a browser which syncs to user's PCs draws interest from Android users. 
For the moment, Edge has no access to extensions, do large behind Firefox in my view. For those users previously wedded to Chrome on their phones this may be an opportunity to try mobile to desktop syncing if they use Edge on the desktop, especially as Edge uses the same rendering technology as Chrome on Android.

For now, Firefox remains my choice and recommendation for a browser on Android.

Uber Licence Suspended In Sheffield

Uber has had its operating licence suspended in Sheffield, although this is a result of paperwork rather than any issues with the safety or security of the service. 
It appears that Uber is looking to change the details of its management on its current licence, whilst Sheffield City Council wants a whole new application. 
The result is that Uber will lose its licence on December 18th, an especially bad time for any taxi company to be offline. There's no question Uber won't appeal this decision and be able to run over the busy Christmas and New Year period whilst the Licensing department processes the application paperwork.

Broadcom Takeover Of Qualcomm Means Trouble For Google And Microsoft

Broadcom's hostile bid to acquire Qualcomm has serious long term issues for both Google and Microsoft, and the potential impact on the smartphone market is enormous. 
Broadcom's history is not one littered with innovation or investment in future products, which means that Qualcomm will be very much at odds with its new parent if this takeover goes ahead.
With Qualcomm chips powering almost the entire Android smartphone market, any slowdown in development and investment in the future potentially harms the competitiveness of Google's platform with IOS. 
Having just pushed ahead with a move to bring Windows to arm processor's, Microsoft is unlikely to be impressed with this news either. 

For Apple however, it promises to be a Golden Goose laying golden eggs all over the place. Broadcom wants to kill Qualcomm's litigation against Apple, it will stifle innovation in Android and kill any hope of Microsoft pushing Windows 10 ARM tablets into the iPad market space. 

Right now G…