Google Maps Needs More Than Locations For Scooter Link Up

From today Lime scooter locations will appear in Google Maps, so if you’re looking for something to move you quickly from point A to point B, you’ll be able to easily find out if an electric scooter is an option. Which is good in as far as it goes, but Lime and Google need to go further to make this a valuable resource.  They need to detail charge levels for those scooters too. That’s because the number one complaint I’ve heard since Lime launched here is Auckland, is that wherever you come across a scooter its battery is inevitably flat or almost flat. If there’s one thing more frustrating than coming across a handy Lime scooter and finding its battery is flat; I’d imagine that would be going out of your way to find a Lime scooter only to find out its battery is flat.

Apple And Qualcomm At Odds Over China iPhone Ban

Apple and Qualcomm have unsurprisingly found two very different views on the sales ban on iPhones ordered by a Chinese court earlier this week.Apple claims the court order doesn't apply to iOS 12 devices and will patch handsets to make them compliant. Qualcomm is of the view that iOS 12 devices do infringe upon its patents and has asked for the ban to be extended to the iPhone xs and XR. I suspect that the sales ban will never be enforced, either because Apple will address any potential infringements to the satisfaction of the court; or because Qualcomm's victory will be struck off.

Lenovo Loses Laptop With Unencrypted Payroll Data

The Register is reporting that Lenovo has lost a laptop which contained unencrypted payroll data for employees in the Asia-Pacific region. No indication of how many users are affected, but it's unlikely to be a small number.For an employee to be transporting sensitive data in this manner today is unforgiveable. Either this is a training issue or a failure of process. Either way Lenovo has to carry the can for this error.On top of other lapses in security and / or judgement at Lenovo in the last few years, this doesn't say positive things about the way it operates its business. Not in itself something which is going to hurt sales, but certainly a warning flag has been raised.

Verizon Writes Off AOL, Yahoo Purchases

Oath, the division of Verizon which houses AOL and Yahoo has been written down to a virtuall zero book value, after new management re-evaluated the purchases and decided to write off $4.6bn of goodwill.At the time Verizon's purchases seemed to over value the fading internet giants significantly, as I wrote at length at the time. Now Verizon agrees and Oath's goodwill value looks more like $200m than the near $5bn orginally booked.If you ignore the other parts of Verizon's business which sit in Oath, the intangible value of Yahoo and AOL sits at just $100m each - a far cry from the valuations which they carried even five years ago.

Why Do MacBooks Seem So Popular, Despite Limited Market Share?

Depending upon your location and lifestyle, you'll probably find that your workplace, coffee shop or campus is home to a disproportionate number of Apple MacBooks of different types.Why is that? For all that Apple claims some impressive revenues from the Mac, its sales numbers are dwarfed by HP, Lenovo and Dell.In all likelihood that's down to two things: brand recognition and longevity.My MacBook Air is six years old and still gets the job done. Mojave is the first Mac OS update it has missed out on. Other MacBooks of the same vintage are just as likely to be still runnning fine. Which means they'll be in widespread use, maybe not in a corporate environment; but certainly in the sorts of places you see people using technology they own.Brand recognition comes into play here too. MacBooks have a distinct look which catches the eye. You see and recognise them and they register in your conscious and sub-conscious. With many PC OEMs cribbing the MacBook Air look that leads to …

Windows 10 Mobile Has One Year Left To Live

Microsoft released the latest Windows 10 Mobile update, which brings maintenance fixes but no new features. Users still on Windows Mobile have a very short time left to abandon the platform and move on.In December next year, Microsoft will stop updating Windows Mobile and that will be the final end of the Windows on phones adventure.

What Drives Your Smartphone Upgrades?

With smartphones getting ever more pricey, the market is slowing down. To the point where analysts are talking about peak-smartphone and peak-iPhone.With huge markets just opening up that seems counter intuitive, but it does bear investigating.Prices have been rising and in a time of political uncertainty affecting all of the largest smartphone markets that makes the purchase of a luxury good, on a two year rolling basis makes no sense for many people.Take the iPhone XS. Apocryphally, we hear that sales are down. Given the similarity to its predecessor and limited areas of improvements; if true, that's not surprising.It's not just Apple either. Samsung is seeing similar levels of poor performance in its flagship device's. The S9 and Note 9 weren't loaded with compelling reasons to upgrade.And that's the problem here. Yesterday's flagship smartphone is still every bit as capable a device as it was when you bought it. Apple has even kept it up to date with update…