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Blackberry QNX To Underpin Jaguar Land Rover In Car Systems

Blackberry, the company which doesn't make smartphones anymore, as opposed to Blackberry the name licensed to TCL to market its smartphones, has one good string left in its bow, QNX.That real time, Linux based OS is finding a new market for Blackberry - in car systems. The latest will be from Tata of India brands Jaguar and Land Rover who have announced a partnership which will see in car and security systems from the premium brands powered by Blackberry's platform. The success of its non-smartphone operations may have an impact on the smartphone business in the future. I can definitely see a time when Blackberry rebrands it's business and sells the Blackberry name to TCL.
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Nintendo Switch Had A Record Breaking First Year, So Where To Now

With first year sales expected to top fourteen million units, Nintendo's Switch just displaced the Wii and PS4 as the most successful console launch of all time. It's an amazing turnaround from the disaster which was the Wii U. That console managed fewer sales in its near six year lifespan than the Switch has achieved in just one year.
A successful second year is going to be entirely dependent upon support from third party publishers and their willingness to bring big name titles to the Switch. Games that standout at the moment include FIFA 18, Minecraft, NBA2k18 and Doom. It's nowhere near enough.
Still, Nintendo's success thus far has been a pleasant surprise, so who knows what it can achieve in year two?

Huawei Being Forced Out of The US

Having been dumped by both AT&T and Verizon, apparently at the behest of the US Government, Huawei has been relying on retail sales through stores like Best Buy to maintain a presence in the country. 
That may be about to change, as Best Buy has been reported to be dropping the brand. Leaving direct imports as the only method for fans to get their fix of phones like the Mate 10 and P20. 
There's a question outstanding over how this will affect the Honor sub-brand. Logic would suggest that it will, given the Government's concerns with Huawei's links to the Chinese Government. 
With America blocked off to it, Huawei's plans to dominate the smartphone market will have to go on hold. Chances are the company will double down on Europe and Asia to maintain its momentum.

Google To Acquire Digital Light Field Specialist Lytro

Remember the Lytro Light Field Camera, which allowed a user to change the focus of a photo after it had been taken?

It's now being reported Google is about to acquire the company for up to $40m. That is a steep discount on the valuations Lytro achieved as it raised $200m in funding.

No doubt Google will look to incorporate the Lytro technology into a future Pixel phone, although any deal is almost certainly too late for the incoming Pixel 3.

More evidence, as if it were needed, that cameras are seen by smartphone manufacturers as a significant point of differentiation in a mature market.

With Wunderlist Stagnating, You Can Go To Todoist For Task Management

As a Wunderlist user, it has been painful to watch the snail like progress Microsoft has been making with its planned replacement for the task manager, To Do. There has never been a time when To Do has even begun to look like a viable replacement for Wunderlist.
And now we know why. Christian Reber, founder of the company, has said that the issues relate to two items - AWS and Azure; and Outlook integration.
Microsoft acquired a product which ran on Amazon's cloud, which has meant porting it over to Azure and recoding it into To Do as they go. Apparently the change is hard. Add in the need to integrate with existing Microsoft products and you begin to see how Microsoft has been trying to push sand up hill since acquiring Wunderlist and trying to convert it into To Do.
Whilst Wunderlist works okay for now, Microsoft has made it clear that the product will die in favour of To Do. However, since Microsoft has made it clear that the service is for the scrapheap, it seems like a good …

Just What Is So Surprising About Facebook Selling Your Data

Facebook - along with other services which offer something for nothing - has a very simple premise. You don't pay for the service with cold hard cash, because you and, more specifically, data about you are the product, which Facebook sells to whoever wants it. Normally that's advertising companies looking to target potential customers based on their social activity.
Usually, but not always. In the case of Cambridge Analytica, that information was used to influence the result of the 2016 US Elections.
You'll hear the Cambridge Analytica incident characterised as a data breach in many news stories over the next few days. That's technically not true. There was no data breach because Facebook provided access to the data in return for a fee. Furthermore, the users who were affected will have accepted Facebook's terms of service which state - and I am paraphrasing here - 'all your data belong to us'.
It's received wisdom that for any given internet service y…

Will A 40mpx Camera Persude You To Overlook The Huawei P20's Notch

German website WinFuture has uncovered further details of the Huawei P20 and in at least one model we may be about to see a camera which moves the game on in a way not seen since Nokia unveiled the Lumia 1020 with its 41mpx camera.
The information suggests the three cameras on the P20 Pro will be an 8mpx telephoto, 20mpx mono sensor and a 40mpx main RGB sensor. 
That promises a smartphone camera experience which changes the game, combining the resolution of that RGB sensor with the light sensitivity of the mono sensor to produce a different class of photo. 
What about the notch though. We know the P20 range is coming with a screen cut-out which is halfway between the Essential Ph1 and the iPhone X. That's going to be something that annoys every time you look at the screen. 
My only reservation here is that the images of the triple sensor P20 Pro don't show a sufficiently large camera bump to squeeze in a sensor large enough to usefully accommodate 40mpx . 
So, exceptional cam…