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Showing posts from February 5, 2017

Apple In India: New Market, But Old Challenges

The news that Apple is to start manufacturing iPhones in India was 'announced' by the Karnataka state government and looks to be the next step in Tim Cook's 'success without innovation' plan for Apple.
Globally the expectation is that India will be the next big growth market. Doing to China in the next ten years what China has been doing to Japan over the last ten years. Growing prosperity is creating more Indian consumers with more disposable income. In the same way that they raced to grab a slice of the pie when China was growing, so Western companies will race to profit from Indian growth.
For Apple that's going to be important. After years of growth in China, iPhone sales have started contracting. There's a limited market for premium smartphones in China and even though Apple owns all of it, the opportunity for further growth is passing.
India is right at the start of its smartphone cycle. A limited number of phones sell, mainly from manufacturers wit…

What Is Windows 10 Cloud?

Based on a number of reports and a leaked installer, we can be fairly certain that Microsoft has a new version of Windows 10 in the pipeline. Windows Cloud is claimed to be another attempt to take on Google's Chromebook, however the information we have so far gives the lie to that suggestion.Microsoft's partner Acer has already produced a line of Windows-powered Cloudbooks, which pack entry-level pricing and specs to match. These machines already compete on price with Google's offerings, so why a new Windows to do the same thing? No, Windows Cloud seems like an updated take on Windows RT. The intention being to tie more users to the Microsoft Store and give developers an incentive to publish their apps there. Ultimately I imagine Microsoft would like to remove support for stand alone installers across the whole of Windows 10. In doing so it gains technical and financial control over what gets deployed onto user's machines and can begin pushing a more iOS-like user expe…

Android Wear 2.0 Released To Massive Indifference

Want to know the true state of smartwatches? Have a look at Android Wear sales. Or lack of sales,  to be more accurate.
Right now Apple has 60% of smartwatch sales, Samsung has 10% and everybody else, including Android Wear OEMs, share the remaining 30% - around two million units all told.
Apple has a hard core of users who will buy,  and evangelise anything it produces. The Apple Watch seems to me to be one of those products that sells only to those dedicated Apple customers who determinedly purchase everything the company produces.
With sales hitting 5m last quarter Apple sold one Watch for every fifteen iPhones. That a pretty poor take up of a product that has been heavily trailed. Which is why I think the market is all about those big Apple fans.
Samsung leverages its popularity as the anti-Apple to be the second biggest smartwatch vendor - but at significantly less than a million units sold, it's hardly the most lucrative market for the company. Bizarrely there's a goo…

Actually, Alfa Romeo Won The Super Bowl

Super Bowl L1 was all about comebacks. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots overcame an incredible deficit to claim the crown.
On Super Bowl night what's happening on the field is only half the story. The real battle is between advertisers trying to grab the attention away from each other.
And that's the Super Bowl that Alfa Romeo won. Three brilliantly judged ads that defined and shaped the most important comeback in US automotive history.

Alfa Romeo is back.
The only question was, which ad was the best? For me it was the last - Mozzafiato - in part because it was so good to hear an Anglophone pronounce Alfa Romeo properly.
Some cars take your breath away. Only one gives it back. Alfa Romeo.