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CES 2017 - Where's The Excitement

So CES 2017 is all done bar the shouting. For the first time I'm left feeling a little deflated by the whole thing. Were there any announcements that left you salivating for the arrival of new product in stores? Was your wallet bouncing around as your credit cards twitched in anticipation of a technology spending spree?
Me neither.
Yes there were some sleek new TVs, some home gadgets and lots of talk of Cortana in cars. The show stopping new announcement? It didn't happen.
Have we become so immune to new technology that businesses need to start worrying about their future sales figures? Or was it just a fallow year?

Sony Xperia XZ Review

Sony has been pumping out flagships like they were going out of fashion. The Xperia Z was announced at CES 2013, less than four years ago. Since then the Japanese giant has managed to release the Z1, Z2, Z3, Z3+, Z4, Z5 and Z5 Premium flagships, before ditching the Z line and moving to the X series, with the X, X Performance and XZ. By my count that's eleven range toppers, or close to three a year.
About eighteen months ago the company claimed it was going to slow down releases of its devices and rationalise its range. Clearly just words.
So the XZ is top of the Xperia line for the moment. Although with CES 2017 imminent that may not be the case by tomorrow morning. For a phone that launched in September, that's a short life at the top of the tree.
Best get things moving then.
The XZ sports the Snapdragon 820, 3GB RAM and 32GB of storage. There's USB-C, but 2.0 only, with no display out support, and micro SD support up to 256GB. There's a new industrial design, which …

Welcome To 2017, Here's John Lennon

So it's a New Year and given the events of 2016 and the prospects for the near future I thought I'd just pop this on here. Likely to be a sentiment we come back at least a few times over the coming twelve months.