iPhone 8 Already Discounted, Sales Must Be Bad

Spark NZ has introduced a near 10% discount on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, if you're buying it on the company's 24 month interest free payment plan. That this discount is being applied so soon after the new phone's release suggests that sales have not been what was expected. 

The price cut brings the difference between the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 down to just $6NZ per month. If you're thinking of getting an iPhone at the moment, the iPhone 8 is the one to get. 

It's also interesting that the Galaxy Note 8 is now being offered with a $300NZ discount, although as that's in lieu of the 256GB SD card that Spark has been offering since the launch of the new Note.

At least in NZ it's looking like customers are either holding out for the iPhone X, or just not interested in paying to dollar for a phone which doesn't deliver a significant upgrade compared to cheaper phones.


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