F1: Sebastian Vettel Ran Over A Black Cat, Smashed A Mirror And Opened His Umbrella Indoors

Sebastien Vettel's title challenge was pretty much settled last weekend in Singapore, however Lady Luck wasn't finished with the Ferrari driver yet. Having lost a probable pole position and almost certain race win due to an engine problem, leaving him at the back of the grid, Vettel produced a typical brilliant and gutsy drive to finish fourth.

On the slowing down lap Vettel's car was caught on camera sat on three wheels, with the fourth on the sidepod of the Ferrari.

It appears that during the post race in lap Vettel had gone past Lance Stroll only for the rookie Canadian to turn into him, destroying the Ferrari's rear suspension. The video certainly shows the Ferrari taking a constant line through the corner before being hit by the Williams.

As the incident happened after the race had finished it won't affect Vettel's fourth place, which doesn't mean it won't have consequences.

The damage to the rear suspension and violent impact to the rear driveshaft will almost certainly have damaged the Ferrari's gearbox, meaning an unplanned gearbox change and a five place grid penalty.

Now with the Championship at stake this could be the final straw for Ferrari and Vettel's challenge. With only 125 points left to play for and Hamilton 34 points up the road the only hope for Vettel is to pedal hi Ferrari to victory in every race.

With a five place grid penalty looming, it's rather more likely that the circus will leave Japan with Hamilton carrying a forty-plus point Championship lead.

So, added to his British Grand Prix puncture, Azeberjan safety car chaos, Canadian Grand Prix fracas and Singapore disaster; you have to look at Malaysia as confirmation that Sebastian Vettel has broken every bad luck taboo this year. Black cats, broken mirrors, walking under a mirror... yep, they must all be there somewhere.

If Seb still wants a shot at this year's title he needs to go hunt down some lucky heather and find some four leaf clovers.


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