Windows 10 Mobile's Excellent Parental Controls Will Be Missed

For quite a while now I have been cautioning against the purchase of a Windows 10 Mobile for any user, with Microsoft abandoning the platform and developers following suit it's just not viable as a mobile phone platform in just about every use case.

There is one group of users for whom I have maintained Windows 10 Mobile is the best choice of mobile platform and that's parents giving phones to their kids.

Yes I know you trust your kids and wouldn't dream of monitoring their smartphone usage, but if you haven't experienced a incident where this has gone completely pear-shaped (for the child and their family) amongst your peers, a few seconds of web searching should be enough to change your mind.

Kids, young ones and older ones, make bad decisions. And the internet never forgets. 

So my view remains that until they have reached adulthood and are, at the very least, paying for the phone and service themselves, you can and should be monitoring their activity.

Microsoft Family makes this incredibly easy for Windows 10 on PC and Mobile. Which is one of the reasons why I have recommended Windows 10 Mobile for this use case for so long.

Unfortunately my son's smartphone requirements - school and personal - can no longer be met with a Windows phone. Some quick research has shown me that replacing his Lumia with an Android or iOS device is going to be incredibly painful if I wish to able to continue to monitor his usage.

Of all the moments which have punctuated the long drawn out death of Windows as a mobile platform this one, for me, promises to be by far the most painful.


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