Three Seasons In, Formula E Just Keeps Getting Better

Formula E is still the new kid on the block as far as motorsports series go, but season three once again proved just how competitive the electric series is and, most importantly, what a good job the regulations do in making sure each race is full of actual racing.

Lucas di Grassi became the third Formula E champion in Montreal on Sunday, overturning a ten-point deficit to season two champion Sebastien Buemi over the two races. di Grassi completed a nice triple in the process, having finished third and second in the first two seasons.

Buemi's championship defeat hinged on two things. The decision to miss the New York double header - the season's penultimate round - and a car wrecking mistake in practise for the final races of the season in Montreal. Having won six races to di Grassi's two, not winning the title must have been a huge disappointment.

The series itself goes from strength to strength and the arrival of Mercedes, BMW and Porsche over the next three seasons will only add to the competitiveness. 


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