The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Is Probably The Best Android Phone On The Market Today

Take the ridiculously fragile Samsung Galaxy S8, replace the curved screen with a flat one and wrap it up in a rugged shell and you get this, the Galaxy S8 Active. Having been previously leaked in a number of places there are few surprises about the S8 Active, however I'm sure that when reviewers get their hands on one there will be general agreement that this is the best Android phone you can buy.

The same might be said of the regular S8, except Samsung ditched the flat screen version this time around and the resulting all curve, all screen design is proving remarkable difficult to encase elegantly and remarkable easy to drop and destroy that beautiful screen.

The S8 Active promises to be every bit as good. And it promises to stay that way through the life of the phone.

The one sour point is that the S8 Active has only been announced for the US and AT&T at the moment. Everyone else will have to wait.


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