Sony's New Xperias Leak On Chinese Website

Sony's smartphone division is turning a profit - albeit a small one compared to Apple or Samsung - and Sony intends to keep its turnaround on track, with three new Xperias details of which have leaked on Chinese site digit-wo.

The three devices are likely to be replacements for the XZ, X Compact and XA and it's clear from the images that Sony isn't going to be moving too far away from the design language it has followed for the last five years.

The power button mounted fingerprint sensor might be toast though. At least one of the phones pictured on the site has a rear mounted fingerprint scanner.

That will be something of a disappointment for Xperia users like me who have enjoyed the benefits of the fingerprint scanner in the power button. A rear mounted sensor seems like a retrograde step, introducing the problem of how you use it when it's on your desk.

There's probably a good reason for the change though: America.

Sony hasn't been able to sell Xperias with fingerprint scanners enabled in the US due to some legal constraints. I'll bet this relates to embedding that sensor in the power button. Moving the sensor to the back of the phone gets away from that restriction, eliminates a gap that would impact US sales and gives it some hope of getting a (critical) carrier deal for its new handset.

That change alone is likely to boost Sony's sales numbers significantly. 


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