So, Samsung Was More Profitable Than Apple Last Quarter

Profit. It's the very reason why corporations exist. If I asked you which is the most profitable corporation worldwide you'd probably answer Apple. It's not an unreasonable assumption. 

However in the quarter just completed Samsung reported higher profits than Apple. Something of hasn't  done for many years. 

It is natural to expect Apple to outperform its competition, it only sells into the premium, and thus highly profitable, market. 

What Samsung lacks in bling it makes up in volume. Pile 'em high, sell 'em cheap has been a winning strategy for many companies over the years. 

Samsung is clearly making it work. 

However it's unlikely to be a long term reversal. The new iPhone is going to be expensive, profitable and in huge demand. Which will drive Apple profits ever higher. 

Samsung will be providing OLED screens for the new iPhone, so it's unlikely to have a bad couple of quarters. 

Outdoing Apple isn't going to be on the cards though.