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Quick Review: Meizu Pro 7 Plus

Meizu is a brand which is quietly growing outside of its native China, producing phones which, whilst mimicking the iPhone on the outside and suffering the usual deficiencies that follow a Chinese OEM Android skin onto the global market, offer great value for the lower mid-range market.

The new Pro 7 Plus is something different though in concept and execution; far and away the most expensive phone Meizu has brought to market.

So does it justify its pricing?

In the, unfortunately brief, time I had with the device I have to say it does. Packing an excellent 12Mp dual camera setup utilising Sony sensors, 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage; the new Mediatek X30 CPU with PowerVR graphics; and a really very nice Super AMOLED QuadHD screen make it more than a match for, for example, the OnePlus 5.

And it still has one trick up its sleeve. Flip the Pro 7 Plus over and you find a secondary AMOLED device of 2" diagonal. Meizu calls it the FenĂȘtre display.

Double tap the screen to turn it on and you've got access to several screens of information (weather, steps, music player) and the ability to take rear camera selfies. Together with that fine camera array you're going to be looking better than usual in your social media posts.

The Pro 7 Plus even manages to ditch the iPhone lookalike vibe which damages the impact of its lower end phones. However it's still rocking Meizu's Flyme skin and that's not really kept up with Huawei, China's leading phone manufacturer.

It does still have Meizu's trademark multifunction fingerprint sensor below the screen. This one button allows you to turn the device on or off, unlock it, call up the multitasking menu and acts as a back button, all through a selection of swipes, taps and presses.

It feels unnatural at first, although I'm sure it's something you'll easily get used to.

From the packaging to the in-hand feel Meizu, has nailed the premium experience. The matt black version looks and feels fantastic, but chances are you're going to spend most of your time turning it over to look at the back screen. And taking pictures with it.

NZ launch price is $799 - slightly higher than the Moto Z2 Play and the OnePlus 5; slightly lower than the Huawei P10. All things considered  the Meizu looks the best choice.

There are some reservations though. The Pro 7 Plus takes Meizu into the sort of territory where customers will be expecting timely releases of Android updates and up to date security releases. There's no historical evidence of the company delivering this sort of post-sales support. Absent any kind of commitment from Meizu to deliver updates you'll be buying the best mid-ranger at the risk of being stuck at Android Nougat for evermore.