New iPhone Name Might Not Be What You Think

I think we can be pretty confident that Apple will launch three new iPhones next month. However none of them might be iPhone 7S models.

Why? Because it looks like all the new iPhones will get wireless charging, which the iPhone 7 won't support given its metal unibody.

A change of shell implies a new model name if Apple sticks to past convention. The opposite is not necessarily true of course.

So what name might be used for each new model? I'd say there are two likely conventions.

Follow the iPad and do away with model numbers. Thus iPhone, iPhone Plus and iPhone X.

Or stick with names and have iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 X.

The X might turn out to be Pro or Anniversary but I think the names will follow one of these conventions when Apple shows us what it has been working on, next month.


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