Microsoft Doesn't Want Or Value Consumers

What is it about Microsoft that makes its relationship with consumers so difficult to manage? It has been guilty of woeful mismanagement of that relationship, almost as if it seeks to be the anti-Apple, punishing customers for their loyalty.

Take Groove Music for example. Here is a visually and functionally appealing service which despite plenty of upgrades manage to lag behind the competition because Microsoft has not shown any inclination to compete with Spotify or Apple in the way the service is sold.

Enough has been said about Windows phones to not have to drag it all up again. However a more concerted effort to damage a customer relationship it would be hard to imagine.

And now we have Microsoft Band, the hardware Band was discontinued last year but the service remained active and worked well with sensors in Lumia phones.

Up until last week, when the service went down. And hasn't cone up again since. That's not exactly the sort of responsiveness you'd expect of a company putting all their eggs in the cloud software market.

Aside from poking customers in the eye, it does nothing to promote Microsoft's other cloud services.

I'd imagine the reason why this isn't getting priority at Microsoft is that so few users are actively using it there's no urgency at a corporate level.

Speaks volumes about the respect Microsoft holds its non-enterprise custoner in though.


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