Italian Tesla Drivers Set New Distance Record And Its Still The Wrong Message

After Elon Musk claimed that a Tesla Model S should be able to break through the 1,000km barrier on a single charge, owners in Italy took up the challenge and proved him right. 

It's a notable achievement, for the drivers anyway. Any effort which involves running a car in the Southern Italian heat without air conditioning is some kind of super human effort. To do it in the middle of a European heatwave goes beyond that. 

For the car though it's nothing special. In fact I'd argue that it further draws focus to range anxiety and the weakness of the EV argument. After all most comparable petrol and all diesel cars will easily blast through 1,000km of range.

That shouldn't matter though because a Tesla (and indeed any EV) can be used in the same way as a combustion engine vehicle, irrespective of range. Drive to the safe range of your battery and then stop and recharge. It's the same process as any other car and that's the point.

A journey of 1,000km is something which no car manufacturer feels the need to crow about. It hasn't been for about 100 years.

EVs become viable to customers by being normal,  everyday and commonplace. Making a big noise about every (not especially impressive) feat of endurance serves to draw attention to reasons not to buy one. 


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