Is Maserati Next In Line For Formula E Entry?

With BMW, Audi, Porsche and Mercedes joining Jaguar and Renault on the Formula E entry list over the next few seasons, it seems the electric racing series is the place where manufacturers have to be to put their green credentials on show.

Now it looks like Fiat-Chrysler might soon be adding a name to the list of famous brands in the sport.

Having previously suggested Ferrari needed to find a place in Formula E, FCA and Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne has had a change of heart, or at least branding. He walked back his suggestion in an interview with, choosing instead to suggest another FCA brand might take up the mantle instead.

Based on what is known so far, I'm going to suggest that Maserati will take that spot on the Formula E grid, whenever FCA does decide to officially take the plunge.

Last month FCA committed to making all future Maseratis electric or hybrid vehicles. The timing of the two pieces of news seems rather too coincidental.

And of course Maserati is FCA's natural competitor against Jaguar and the German marques.


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