Is HP About To Go Android For Smartphones

Aside from a ridiculously random pricing policy, which has to have hurt the Elite X3's sales performance, the handset's biggest problem - and biggest advantage bizarrely - is that it runs Windows 10 Mobile.

It's an advantage because, right now, if you want a Windows powered phone... well, where else are you going to go?

Problem? Because the number of people who want a Windows powered phone is as close to zero as to make no difference. 

So what's a company like HP to do? It needs to be able to offer phones to its enterprise partners, if only to be able to have a complete catalogue and it certainly doesn't want to be selling anybody else's phones.

Yet it can't abandon Windows 10 Mobile completely because there are some Microsoft-only IT departments who will insist on staying within the Microsoft ecosystem.

According to a leak on German Windows site Dr  Windows HP is now experimenting with Android for future smartphone releases. Which suggests that there may not be many Windows-only customers left, even in enterprise.

The major selling point of the Elite X3 is its ability to perform as a desktop, phablet or laptop, depending on the dock attached to it. That's no longer a Windows-only game. Samsung's DeX has demonstrated that Android can pull this trick off quite well - better than Windows 10 in many ways - and on a smartphone that people actually want to own.

That last point may be all HP needs to make up its mind.