HP's Elite X3 Pricing Is Suffering From Bipolar Disorder

Whoever is currently setting UK pricing for the Elite X3 needs to be approached by HP's human resources department and gently removed from the controls. It really does sound like the stress of trying to find buyers for the Windows 10 Mobile has somewhat overwhelmed them.

Just a few weeks after effectively dropping the price of the handset and dock bundle to £400 after a £150 cashback, removing the cashback offer and then the 'sale' banners - suggesting that £549 would be the standard pricing going forward, HP is now asking £673 for the bundle.

Does anyone think this kind of hacking of pricing is going to promote sales?

So what's next in the saga of Elite X3 pricing? £400? £500? £700? A pineapple and three Liquorice Allsorts? Nothing would surprise me right now. (Well, maybe the pineapple and Liquorice Allsorts).

The Elite X3 has been on sale for just one year and in that time the UK price has been up and down more than a dozen times, with an all-time high of over £750 and a low of £400.

Meanwhile in the US, the same handset commands a $499 price tag - around £450 when UK taxes are taken into account - a more reasonable ask, if a handset running on a dead platform can have a reasonable price that is.


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