GM / SAIC Have A World Changing EV - But You Can Only Buy It In China

This is the e100, an electric city car produced by Baojun which is produced in China by a GM / SAIC joint venture. The little two seater packs a 155km range and a top speed of 100km/h. The recharge time from a standard power socket is just 7.5 hours.

All in a perfect solution for commuting, reducing emissions and congestion (it's so short each traffic jam will be half as long). It's even phenomenally cheap. With subsidies Chinese buyers can get hold of one for less than $6,000. A bargain and, given the issues with air quality in Chinese cities, something that Baojun needs to get into large scale production.

As it is just 200 cars have been sold - not because demand was low (5,000 buyers registered to try and get one) but because Baojun seems to building in small quantities only. Another batch is planned, but this will only be another 500 cars.

Forget the Tesla and its grandiose plans to be the self-driving pleasure palace that panders to the well-heeled. This is the sort of car which changes our world. The majority of journeys undertaken in cars are single occupant and less than 18km.

Which makes the Baojun and other electric city cars the perfect answer to most commuting needs. That it can only be bought in China - and in such small numbers - is the only disappointing news about the e100.


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