Formula E Montreal Shennanigans Not Settled Yet - Buemi And Abt Face Off On Twitter

Formula E's Montreal season finale ended up being something of a firecracker for outgoing champion Sebastien Buemi, who destroyed one of his race cars in free practice, started with a grid penalty, endured a scrappy race one, at the end of which he verbally attacked three other drivers before first being penalised for an unsafe pit release and then being disqualified for an underweight car.

His championship challenge was undone on a crazy Saturday - although missing the previous race weekend in New York was what really cost him the title.

Buemi's post-race rant was caught on film and spread like wildfire (which I'm sure please the Formula E organisers) with the general feeling being that Buemi had let his passion and frustration at the accident cloud his judgement.

Today Buemi took to Twitter to apologise to his team, Robin Frijns and Anthony Felix Da Costa for his outburst. Pointedly not apologising to Daniel Abt.

Now Buemi may have had more of a valid case to be cross with Abt, who crawled into the pitlane ahead of him, costing him time and then running into the rear of the e.Dams Renault as they left the pits. However Buemi was battling Abt's teammate Di Grassi for the title and using a second car to disrupt a championship battle is a tried and tested racing tactic. To expect anything less is both na├»ve and unrealistic.  

Abt clearly wasn't too bothered by Buemi's snub, he responded on Twitter with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

Whether the exchange is the last to grace Twitter (I suspect it will be) there are almost certainly going to be fireworks when season four kicks off as both drivers are likely to be at the sharp end of Formula E's next championship battle.


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