Fitbit Struggles Leave It Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Fitbit lost leadership of the wearables market after posting a huge reverse in Q2. The former market leader saw sales fall by 40% as it struggled to cope with a two pronged attack, with Xiaomi's rocketing sales at the low end and Apple's Watch owning the high end.

Its new product line can't arrive fast enough.

Xiaomi is now the market leader by volume but it was Apple which was the star performer in the market if the figures from Strategy Analytics are to be believed (Apple doesn't provide any corroborating evidence of Watch sales).

Overall the market grew by 8%, a modest yet notable move upwards. Apple's sales were up by more than 50% though, a massive improvement on last years figure, but I can't help wondering if less than three million sales on the back of more than 40 million iPhone sales is the sort of conversion rate Apple was really hoping for.


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