Face Recognition To Mitigate Rear Touch ID Sensor Shortcomings On New iPhone

Apple's new iPhone will probably sport both face recognition and a Touch ID sensor when it launches later this year.

It seems increasingly unlikely Apple will have succeeded in mounting a fingerprint sensor under the new iPhone's screen, especially as Samsung has not managed to achieve this on the Note 8.

With the new tall screen and reduced bezels that leaves only the back panel available to mount the sensor. Given the shortcomings of this location and in particular its problems when laid flat on a desk Apple appears to have come up with a second unlocking option to supplement the sensor, face unlock.

The leaked HomePod firmware references face unlock for the iPhone, in lay flat orientation.

Now the angle at which a face sensor works is quite narrow, certainly on versions used by Microsoft and Samsung. If Apple's face unlock uses the same technology and it is designed to work flat it's unlikely to work as the primary unlocking mechanism for the iPhone.

That means Touch ID when you're holding the iPhone, face unlock when its flat.

So aside from its unique screen, proprietary wireless charging and AR technology we can add a unique unlocking experience to the list of prospective iPhone features.


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