F1: Verstappen's Hungaroring Penalty Was Inappropriate

F1's stewards seem to swing from too strict to too lenient and never find a centre ground which doesn't impact the quality of the racing.

Case in point, Max Verstappen's ten second stop-go penalty in Hungary for his turn two collision with teammate Daniel Ricciardo.

It was a clumsy collision but I'm struggling to see how this ends up being a penalty for the Red Bull driver. There was nothing dangerous or reckless about the move, it wasn't even overly ambitious, more an under estimation of the impact dirty tyres after running wide at turn one.

From a Red Bull point of view it ended badly and I've no doubt that the management will remind Max that races aren't won on the first lap. 

However, given some of the wild rides Max has been on in the past - without being penalised - this looked very tame indeed and the penalty looked surprisingly harsh.

Without the impact of the penalty I'm convinced that Max would have beaten both Mercedes and possibly even have won the race. Which I'm sure would have made Ricciardo even more angry than he already was.  


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