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EENA Calls On Apple To Stop Killing Its Customers

Advanced Mobile Location is a lifesaver. If you live in parts of the EU (UK, Belgium and Austria being the biggest) or New Zealand your phone will send its location to the emergency services when you  call the emergency services. Its accuracy is within a few meters, rather than the much coarser tower based location used with carrier support.

Not all phones though. Whilst Google has implemented AML on Android, Apple has refused to do so on the iPhone. Now EENA, the pan-European body for emergency number administration, is calling for Apple to comply.

In a statement released today EENA has called out Apple on its failure to support the technology, something that puts Apple's owners at greater risk than Android owners. Apparently Apple has rebuffed all attempts to get it to support AML.

There doesn't seem to be a good reason for Apple not to do this, which makes the delay even more incomprehensible.