Amazon's Australian Adventure Is On

Amazon will be coming to Australia in 2018, having begun to build the infrastructure that will allow it to compete with local retailers. The leasing of a warehouse in South Melbourne is the first step in putting together a fulfilment centre which will no doubt house a multitude of products.

Whilst it's great news for Australian buyers, who gain more competition and better service in their local markets, it's an even bigger boost for Kiwis who buy through the site. Shipping fees and delivery times will be reduced, compared to ordering from the UK or US, but we'll still benefit from GST-free shopping - at least until the NZ Government revisits its import duty thresholds.

For local retailers this is likely to shake up their world. I've no doubt that Amazon Australia will be welcomed and popular with customers, eventually leading to newer services coming to the region as well. That's going to prompt a battle for survival amongst those retailers who have perhaps benefited from the cosy market that being so remote has engendered.