2018 Nissan Leaf Images Leak

The Nissan Leaf has proven to be a popular EV, however the arrival of newer and more premium rivals like the BMW i3 and Tesla Model 3 have dated the original somewhat. So the 2018 Leaf is awaited with some expectations, that it will be both technically and visually stunning.

So the first images of the new Leaf are something to get excited about, even if they are pretty grainy.

What they reveal is a car that shares visual clues with the 2017 Micro whilst retaining some of the heritage of the older Leaf.

The most important thing about the new Leaf will be the range though. With a rumoured 200 mile endurance, the Leaf may be behind other EVs, but more importantly it clears the bar for what an average commuter would demand in terms of range. In truth the old Leaf did that too, but 200 miles would certainly be a psychologically reassuring number for those concerned about range anxiety after making the switch from petrol or diesel powered cars.

With an official launch due in September we don't have long to wait to see the Leaf in the metal. And with pricing likely to be under £20k after emissions subsidies this may be the EV that tempts you away from regular cars.


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