Why The iPod Touch Could Not Die

Apple indulged in some heavy blood letting in its iPod range today, killing off all but one model – the iPod Touch.

There was a good reason for terminating the iPod. Right now dedicated music players have been rendered obsolete by the combination of smartphones and streaming music services. Sales have clearly fallen to the point where it's just not worth Apple bothering any more.

However, the iPod Touch needed to stay because although it's a lowly iPod, it's a gateway drug to the world of the iPhone.

Parents can give one to their kids, safe in the knowledge that they won't be running up any large phone bills as a result. Those kids can run all of the apps and games that iPhone owners enjoy.

For Apple it catches those kids into the ecosystem at a young age – and of course, we know that once a user has entered the Apple ecosystem the chance of them leaving is very, very remote.

So the iPod Touch is likely to remain in the Apple catalogue when other iPods are just a distant memory.


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