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What I'm MIssing From Windows Mobile

It has been six months since I finally gave up on Windows phones and switched to a better supported platform. In that time I have enjoyed full and extensive app support, never having to worry that an app I want to use is either unavailable or no longer supported on my platform of choice.

However, after six months of switching between Android and iOS I can confidently say that neither of these platforms matches what Microsoft / Nokia offered on high end Lumias and across the wider Windows phone ecosystem.

For example Live Tiles. These remain by far the greatest method of conveying information and providing app shortcuts for users. They outperform both iOS's icon only homescreen and Android mashup of widgets from multiple sources.

Then there is the Windows Mobile Glance screen - now replicated on some Android phones, but not to the same effect. The Glance background and icon notifications work well without draining your phones battery. Add this to the tap to wake function / Nav Bar double tap to sleep and you have a far operating system navigation experience.

Hardware features on the last of the premium Lumias only add to the experience. The Lumia 950 packs a set of hardware features - the best camera, iris scanning, Continuum, removable battery and replaceable covers - which just can't be had elsewhere. 

Then there are the software updates. It's well known that Android owners suffer a variable experience on this one, however iPhone users generally only receive new features with the annual iOS update. Windows 10 Mobile gets regular updates which also generally bring new functionality.

Ultimately, in a world where apps don't matter, Windows Mobile would still be my choice of mobile platform. Unfortunately that isn't the case, so I use Android and iOS instead, even though I wish there was a future for Windows Mobile which would allow me to carry on using one.