Twitter's Problem Is Of One Of Great Expectations

Twitter produced an interesting set of results in its earnings call today. Revenue and profit were ahead but user growth had stalled. For some that has been enough to roll out the death watch notices.

The thing is, Twitter is in pretty good shape, it's just that people are expecting it to be something that it is not and cannot be.

Twitter isn't a social network, like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. It isn't a messaging platform like WeChat or Messenger. It is a virtual watercooler and a market square.

Expecting it to perform like something it isn't is always going to result in disappointment.

Of course that also means that Twitter needs to consider its funding. Yes, it's reporting profits - but are they sufficient to maintain viability of the business.

I've advocated the introduction of Twitter subscriptions for businesses using the service for a while now. It is, from a customer engagement point of view, one of the most valuable resources out there and Twitter needs to start to place a monetary value on maintaining that relationship.

Ultimately Twitter, as a concept, is too important to fail. However that doesn't mean that Twitter as a business can't be replaced by a wiser, better funded business which offers the same value. China's Weibo for example...

Time for Twitter to start managing the message and giving itself credit for what it has achieved. Which means an income that allows the business to service itself going forward.


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