Tablets With Atom CPUs Denied Further Windows 10 Updates

Got an older Windows tablet running an Intel Atom Clover Trail processor? Looks like the end of the road for that particular machine then. Those early Windows 8 machines will upgrade no further than Windows 10 Anniversary Update, a consequence of Intel's decision to end support for the platform.

Intel's failure to build Atom into a platform to compete with ARM was the reason for the axe falling on the low-power system on a chip and with no new drivers available from Intel, Microsoft is no longer able to optimise Windows 10 updates to run on the hardware.

To appease those customers stuck in this position Microsoft will be extending security updates until 2023, however in terms of core feature updates, Anniversary is as far as they can go.

Given that Intel has killed off all of its Atom development it's safe to assume that both Bay Trail and Cherry Trail processors will fall off the support roadmap ahead of the next couple of Windows 10 releases, bringing tablets so powered to the end of the line.

Embarrassingly for Microsoft that will include the Surface 3, which should at least clear the Fall Creators Update and whatever the following Spring brings.


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