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Surface Pro As A Tablet - Windows 10 Wins All Ends Up

Following the recent launches of the 2017 Surface Pro and iPad Pro I've been confidently able to say two things: the iPad Pro has improved its game as a computer and the Surface Pro remains the better choice for most users.

That has been predicated on the usage of the iPad Pro as a computer being compromised by some rather large gaps in capability. It cannot easily transform into a desktop machine, it lacks some of the tools which laptop users take for granted and many of its touch friendly apps are less powerful than full size Windows (or Mac) versions.

The other side of this argument is about how the Surface Pro performs as a tablet. If the Surface Pro is really to be considered the number one hybrid two-in-one device it needs to put up a convincing tablet argument as well as a damn fine 'computer' argument.

Turns out the Surface Pro handles tablet use cases with aplomb. Windows 10 makes for as good a touch interface as it does a keyboard and mouse one. Even with the promise of iOS 11 the iPad just isn't as flexible or customisable. Which leaves the different ways in which a tablet might be used to be considered.

What are the most common uses of an iPad as a tablet? Surfing, email, Facebook and Twitter for starters. All are as good - and many are better - on the Surface Pro when used as a tablet.

Next most popular uses? Music streaming and YouTube. Again as a tablet the Surface Pro can go head to head with the iPad.

On to gaming. Here the iPad has an upper hand by virtue of its huge selection of 'lightweight' games. However Surface Pro counters by having access to a wider selection of more 'serious' games through Steam, GoG or even the Windows Store, where a selection of Xbox Play Anywhere games will sate your desire for hard-core gaming on the go.

For all that it's a real computer and capable of all the real computer tasks you would ask any other PC to do, the Surface Pro is as capable a tablet as the iPad and wins the hybrid argument by miles as a result.