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Surface Pro 2017 As The Basis Of A Super-light Every Day Carry

Here's the thing with us techies, we have so many gadgets at our disposal that we rarely get to experience the day to day joys and frustrations of regular users who can't switch to a more appropriate choice when the device they are using doesn't cut the mustard.

For the last couple of weeks though I've been trying to keep the weight of my daily bag under control. Which means being sensible about the devices I carry. Having managed to pare back the weight of my day to day bag over the last few years (as you'll find in earlier posts here) getting to the minimum viable pack was my next goal.

So, my device load out for the last two weeks has amounted to one Surface Pro 2017 model and one iPhone SE smartphone.

And that's it. Well, mostly.

To be honest, the choice of the Surface Pro was easy. It manages to be both laptop and tablet. For a lot of the time I've used it exclusively as a tablet, discarding the type cover and typing directly on the screen. It's entire capable of being used this way and for the times when I've needed a little more I can do what I need to by slapping the Type Cover on. The Cover and Surface Pen add little to the overall weight or volume of the Surface Pro, but do increase its usability greatly.

There are other Windows 10 hybrids which follow the Surface Pro template, but in this case I believe the original is still the best.

For my choice of smartphone I fought a struggle between my iPhone SE and the Xperia XZ. The former manages to be more pocketable and always performs well. However the XZ packs a bigger screen and better speakers, whilst also managing to hold more of my stuff. 

In the end the compactness of the iPhone won the day and I chose to carry that over the Xperia. The latest SE manages to deliver excellent battery life and a full day on a single charge is easily achievable.

Whilst many tech bloggers and writers seem to be continually overloading their bags with devices, for me travelling light is the main aim. That means I'm not carrying the chargers or cables for either of my devices. The iPhone serves as a hotspot for the Surface Pro and synchronisation is through OneDrive.

With the iPhone in a pocket all I'm carrying now is a sleeve for the Surface Pro - about as light as its possible to make your everyday working experience whilst retaining all of the capability required during every working day.