Oh Good, Another USB Type-C Standard, Just What We Needed

When Microsoft decided not to put USB-C ports into its latest range of Surfaces there was more than a little disappointment across the internet. This seemed like a missed opportunity to future proof these products and deliver enhanced performance at the same time.

Microsoft defended the move saying that the new standard wasn't mature and due to compatibility and configuration differences was confusing for consumers.

The announcement of yet another standard for USB - 3.2 goes quite a long way to validating that opinion. The reasons the USB 3.0 Promoters Group gives for publishing the new standard covers all of the rest of the ground and more.

The net result is that there are now multiple Type-C port and cable types, all of which need to be matched to get the best performance out of the standard.

Making this change when the standard really needed some time to mature and gain broader understanding feels like absolutely the wrong move to make at this point.


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