LG Still Can't Sell Smartphones - Down $120m In Q2

LG has had a decent run of phones over the last eighteen months, shipping innovative smartphones and new technologies into the market early. 

Shipping is one thing, selling is another. Turns out that abandoning the modularity of the G5 for the extended screen of the G6 wasn't such a great move. The G6 hasn't found buyers, despite a generally positive reception in the press. The design and the camera have both been lauded in many places, but that just hasn't been enough to bring customers to the store. 

That's probably because the LG name means home appliances to most consumers. There's apparently only room for one premium, South Korean smartphone manufacturer in the consumer mind and that's Samsung.

Whilst LG's mobile division booked a $120m loss today, Samsung's was booking nearly $4bn in profit. 

Imagine how those figures would look without the Note 7 fiasco.

LG needs a new brand to be more competitive in this market. Maybe it could buy the Palm legacy from TCL. Something it probably should have done when  it purchased WebOS from HP of a couple of years back.

An old brand seems to be the thing to have just at the moment. For certain, for  LG the old one isn't working.


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