Instagram Users Lack Originality When Shooting Landmarks

Missed this news from Sony, but it does make for some interesting perspective into how we view the world and the people who fill our timelines with images of their lives.

Sony completed a global survey into the most photographed landmarks worldwide and discovered that Instagram user display a collective lack of imagination when taking shots of them.

At hotspots like Machu Pichu, Mount Fuji, the Trevi Fountain and Christ the Redeemer, between 70% and 85% of Instagram shots were taken from just three identical positions. One imagines the queue of people all waiting to take exactly the same shot from their smartphone is somewhat ridiculous to behold.

No wonder nearly half of Instagrammers are bored of seeing the same old photo.

Sony has partnered with a number of professional photographers who have used Xperia XZs to shoot the same landmarks and offer some advice on how to get a better picture when shooting something popular.


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