IBM Follows Yahoo, Cancels Remote Work To Support Constructive Dismissal Policy

Remember when Yahoo cancelled its remote working policy? It was the final, definitive marker of a troubled company which had run out of ideas. Why kill a successful remote working policy? It's because it forces out remote workers who aren't able to work from a company office and must therefore leave the company. A form of constructive dismissal which allows a company to lay-off staff without having any of the costs associated with redundancies.

Of course aside from all of the ethical and moral issues which arise, there's the damage which it does to the company. It isn't able to choose who stays and who leaves, the impact on morale can only be negative and the reputation of the business is damaged in the eyes of its customers and potential partners.

IBM, currently on a downward trend that stretches back more than five years, has announced that it too will be cancelling its remote working policy.

The parallels and implications are obvious. IBM has reached the point where it is clutching at straws and taking desperate measures which have ben demonstrably unsuccessful elsewhere. 

At some point I expect IBM will need to separate its Watson business from the rump of its old services and consultancy business, like Yahoo attempting to offload the rump to some willing partner. HP perhaps, given its history of buying up turkeys.


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