Here's A Windows Phone Offer You Definitely Should Grab

HP and Microsoft seem to have been unable to agree exactly what a fair price for the Elite x3 Windows 10 Mobile is, with the price bouncing up and down on the two websites like... well something quite bouncy.

For the next few days the moons have aligned and through a combination of offers and cashbacks you can now get the Elite x3 and Desk Dock for a bargain £400.

If you want a Windows 10 Mobile this is the offer to grab

Coincidentally Microsoft has delayed UK availability of the Alcatel Idol 4 Pro for a couple of weeks, until after HP's offer is over. Wise move , given that the Alcatel phone looked overpriced anyway and doesn't really compete with the HP at this price level.

The offer seems to be a UK exclusive - for now at least - and runs until the end of this month.