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Galaxy Note FE Now Available - But Would You Buy One?

Samsung has rereleased the Galaxy Note 7 under a new name, the Note Fandom Edition (FE), and is selling it in South Korea one - for the time being anyway.

These are apparently refurbished devices - as I understand it units that had completed the manufacturing process but never made it to customers as a result of one or other of the recalls issued by Samsung.

Now packing a smaller, less stressed battery pack the FE is on sale at a hefty discount compared to the original Note 7 launch price.

Would you buy one? Should you buy one?

It's probably fair to say that, other than phones with removable battery packs which tend to be less stressed in the manufacturing and recharging processes, it would be reasonable to expect the Note FE to be less likely to combust than any other smartphone on the market today.

So the risk of fire from the 'new' Note is probably lower than the phone you're currently using.

If the Note Fe were to arrive in New Zealand sporting a sub-$1000 price tag - approximately equating to the discount available to South Koreans - I think Kiwis would snap the phone up.

Let's not forget that this was the greatest phone design ever committed to manufacture when it launched and even now stands behind only the Galaxy S8.

The presence of the Samsung S-Pen has always been the big drawer for me, so I'd definitely be prepared to take a punt on a Note FE if it arrived at the right price.

I don't expect Samsung to take the Note FE much further than South Korea. Not least because of the limited number of handsets available to retrofit with the smaller battery.

All the same, any kind of successful relaunch of the Note 7 will go some way to erasing the stain on Samsung's reputation. But its eyes must surely be turned to delivering a jaw-dropping Note 8.