Full House German-E: Porsche To Abandon WEC For Formula E

Within days of Mercedes' announcement of its switch from DTM to Formula E, Porsche has announced that it too will be joining the electric racing formula. Formula E's roll call of manufacturers now includes more variety than another international championship of merit.

Porsche will abandon WEC and refocus on electric racers, entering the championship in the 2019-20 season.

That leaves WEC is a similar position to DTM, with only one factory entry, in this case Toyota.

The recent news of collusion by German manufacturers around emission tests, as well as defeat devices being uncovered on an almost daily basis, is no doubt the reason why this sudden push into Formula E is occurring. Scrubbing a tarnished reputation with the greenest racing championship is an obvious defence mechanism.

With F1 hovering between three and four manufacturer entrants (depending on how long Honda survives in the championship) you have to wonder how long it will retain its sheen and position of top dog in motorsport.

I suspect the day Ferrari announces a Formula E entrance will be D-day for F1.


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