F1: Halo Confirmed For 2018

After a catastrophic test of the 'Shield' windscreen at Silverstone, F1's governing body has moved quickly to mandate the use of the Halo driver head protection device for the 2018 season.

The Halo itself is not without its critics, several drivers have been especially vocal about how obstructive it is, however with the Shield ruled out thanks to severe distortion problems the Halo became Hobson's Choice and will be used next year.

There's certainly no getting away from the fact that the Halo device looks horrific, both from a driver's viewpoint and a spectators. At the same time being able to deflect an F1 wheel and tyre fired at 150mph is a significant technical achievement.

With both Justin Wilson and Henry Surtees deaths we have seen how destructive a loose wheel can be. However the Halo would have been ineffective in Felipe Massa or Jules Bianchi's accidents.

Nevertheless, the number of times we see loose wheels flying around in accidents, tethers or not, shows exactly why something like this is required.

With the ridiculous nose / wing arrangements and now the Halo devices F1 cars may be the most technically advanced of any formula, but they will never again be the most beautiful. 


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