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Apple Production Requirements Mean iPhone Hardware Is Done, Whatever The Rumours Tell You

Like me you've probably seen a number of stories from big name analysts and Apple 'news' reporters suggesting Apple is in the middle of deciding what hardware is going to be delivered on the next iPhone.

They are either complete nonsense or old news, because if Apple is still playing around with its hardware design it has no hope of delivering new iPhones in volume before Christmas - and believe me, one thing Apple will certainly want to do is deliver new iPhones in volume before Christmas.

One of the significant achievements of Tim Cook's stewardship of the Apple ship has been the way the company has been able to churn out iPhones to make the FY Q1 demand almost without a hitch. 60 million, 70 million even 80 million new devices, with retailers and carriers in more countries and in greater diversity than ever before.

Undoubtedly it doesn't always judge the demand for the model mix correctly, but at the expense of reduced security and a greater number of leaks; Apple now gets iPhones into customers hands in October, November and December in volumes that were never previously considered possible.

That achievement requires some planning and some rock solid deadlines. To build iPhones in that kind of numbers requires suppliers, assemblers and shippers to work in the sort of coordinated fashion which would have dance choreographers tangled up in knots.

None of that can even begin to happen until the hardware design is locked down and component suppliers can ramp up their own production lines. 

So the suggestion that Apple is still tinkering with hardware design less than three months before the new iPhone steps up to the plate are laughable.

For all that each new iPhone is a technical and engineering achievement all of its own, for me its the manufacturing process that brings them to our shelves which should be celebrated.