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Android Wear Winning The Fashion Market Apple Aspired To

When Apple launched the Watch it hoped to break into the high fashion market with the Edition version, costing upwards of $8,000. Whilst many were given to celebrities and 'taste-makers' it failed to resonate with its intended audience and, as a result, when Apple launched the second edition of the Watch the Edition version had much more modest pricing and goals.

Shortly after the launch of the Apple Watch, TAG-Heuer introduced its own smartwatch - the Connected. This packed a fairly standard Android Wear device into a very TAG-Heuer case. It clearly made a better impression on potential customers and it sold very well.

Well enough to not only prompt a second edition - due later this year - but also to drive a whole host of big name watch manufacturers to copy the idea and launch Android Wear devices of their own.

Two things strike me here. Firstly, that Apple failed to parlay its good technology name into a fashion brand for those who spend big money on wrist hardware. And secondly, that by the very nature of the Android Wear device embedded in these expensive timepieces, those same big spenders are more than likely rocking Android phones rather than anything iPhone.