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Xperia L1 Looks Good Value, But Seriously Sony... Strategy?

This is the latest Xperia to hit the market, a £170 entry level device with some pretty decent specs and the look of a much more expensive Xperia smartphone. Potentially a reasonable seller in the entry level market, but isn't this exactly the market sector Sony promised to abandon in its quest for profit over volume?

It's not that this is a bad move from Sony - any move to increase Sony's retail profile is good for the company and its customers. The question remains though, has Sony actually got a leader in place at its mobile division or is it beset by the sort of fragmentation and factions which brought down Symbian era Nokia and has plagued Microsoft for the last decade?

I can't see Sony ever again getting to a place where it is a volume player in the smartphone market. That being the case it has to double down on a premium / profit business model and stick to it.

Chopping and changing just hurts consumer confidence and makes every level of device harder to sell.