Windows 10 Mobile Dying The Death Of A Thousand Cuts

News that the LinkedIn app is now unavailable for many on the Windows Mobile Store and has been replaced by a web wrapper on the mobile site for everyone else, is just the latest cut in the slow lingering death of Windows 10 Mobile.

That it’s a Microsoft owned service which is swinging the sword this time is no surprise any more, Microsoft’s various software divisions have been maliciously or incompetently complicit in the painful death of the company’s mobile platform.

Don’t get me wrong, use Windows Mobile for any length of time and you’ll realise the platform is still leaps and bounds ahead of Android and iOS in so many areas its unfathomable that we should be talking about its imminent death.

Even as the last remaining developers follow Microsoft’s own lead and pack up their apps to join the crowd heading for the door, loyal Windows Mobile fans are fighting to keep their devices usable.

The failure to persuade app developers to support Windows has been the beginning, middle and end of the platform’s failure. It’s unfortunately out of Microsoft’s control, yet talk of a reboot of mobile and new smartphones unlike anything that has gone before, shows the company hasn’t learnt its lesson.

Whilst third-party developers did amazing work in replicating some of those services that never supported Windows Mobile, keeping those apps up to date and functional was just too onerous a task.
If Microsoft intends to revisit the smartphone platform having full support from first party developers is going to ne non-negotiable.

Without that it will be setting itself up for yet another mobile fail.


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