What's Up With Apple Pay In The UK?

Actually is not just Apple Pay but all contactless payments. It seems like the UK is just not set up to use them. 

I've complained about New Zealand not having one hundred percent coverage of contactless payment machines, but there the problem is the few companies and businesses who haven't made the switch. 

It appears the UK is a big step behind. Not only are there fewer PayWave capable machines but fewer people are using them. 

Then there's the £30 usage cap for contactless cards. Apparently this precludes the use of PayWave at all. Something which has been extended to Apple Pay in shopkeepers minds. 

Firstly, a £30+ payment should be possible supported by a PIN, and I don't believe the cap applies to Apple Pay anyway. 

The tokenisation which underlies mobile payment methods is a good thing for security and UK smartphone users need to start paying stores to accept this form of payment by voting with their feet. Abandon a sale at the checkout if contactless payment isn't available to you. 

Is the only way to effect a change which safeguards your financial security. 


Vince said…
I'm not sure what your beef is?

I live in the UK and I use Apple Pay pretty much exclusively - on both phone and watch. I regularly pay for things over £30 too without issue. Whether you can do over £30 or not is down to the merchant in most cases as they can set a limit - but not all merchants limit it - but equally not all merchants realise they do support more - I just try it as a general rule.

Equally not all merchants with contactless even realise they can do Apple Pay - it's not absolutely 100% the case, but almost always if they take contactless they do support Apple Pay.

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