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The iPad Needs A Mouse

Interesting thoughts about the addition of a mouse to the iPad on Daring Fireball today. It's something I've been suggesting is required if Apple wants the iPad to leap from companion device to real computer and the fact that Apple heavyweights like Gruber are discussing the concept backs that idea up.

One thing that seems to have been part of the discussion on the Talk Show has been not providing a mouse cursor within iOS. It's something that's seen as being a negative and I'm at a loss to understand why.

Giving an iPad a mouse cursor removes nothing from its utility as a tablet. However it allows the user sat at a desk the choice to click rather than prod at the screen. It's an argument that Apple has been strongly making in its refusal to add a touchscreen to its MacBook line up. So how can it fail to be a valid argument here?

The answer is, of course, that it can't. 

If you've used an Android tablet with a mouse you'll know just how much easier it is to use on the desk than just being a pure touch device. And one of the greatest strengths of Windows tablets and hybrids is that you can choose to use mouse or touch when interacting with objects on screen.

For the iPad to be a relevant competitor to a 'real' computer this is a minimum requirement.

At WWDC I guess we'll find out whether this is also Apple's thinking, or whether it really doesn't see the shortcomings of its argument that the iPad is a computer.