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Technology In The Air - How I Survived A Day And A Half Flying

With the prospect of an eighteen hour flight followed by an eight hours transit and a further eight hours in the air my journey from Auckland looked like being something of an epic trip. So the technology I was going to be carrying needed to be carefully selected to ensure that the maximum could be extracted from the journey.

Aside from the issues surrounding the Qatar travel blockade, put in place by its Middle Eastern neighbours, there was also some concern over whether the laptop ban which affects US travel from the Middle East was going to spread to European countries. The dire warnings of anything larger than a smartphone needing to be stowed in the cabin were enough to focus the mind when packing for this particular trip.

In the end it turned out that the travel ban didn't happen and I was able to travel with technology bag intact. 

So what did I carry to get me through the journey? First of all I had my Sony PS Vita. For all its faults and lack of game titles the basics are there. Gaming on a smartphone is okay, but the Vita is in a different league with its better control system and higher quality titles. 

Also making the trip would be my Galaxy Tab S2, primarily as a reading device, but with several lengthy Spotify playlists downloaded for musical distraction and my favourite Android game, Dead Trigger, all setup and ready to play.

Finally my new 2017 Surface Pro would provide true computing capability.

All three devices would be supported by my Sony Noise Cancelling headphones, an efficient way of drowning out the noise of the 777-200LR's massive engines.

This all fitted nicely into my STM Scout small messenger bag. Leaving space for travel documents and passports; and being small enough to be classed as a personal item by Qatar Airways. This meant my two carry-on bags (Fancier camera backpack and a Swiss Gear flight case) were left free for transporting camera equipment, chargers and personal effects.

The STM fitted nicely into the floor bin of the extremely spacious Qatar Business Class seat, with the items themselves all fitting into the inside armrest pocket. As a result I was able to quickly and comfortably switch from movie watching to gaming to reading to eating. 

Overall the items I packed worked very well for the journey I undertook. I was able to play games, read and listen to music whilst in the air; and be productive during the long layover at Doha. 

I'm looking forward to undertaking the return journey. For such a lengthy piece of travelling that's quite an result.