Samsung Needs To Revisit Galaxy Tab S3 Pricing In Light Of New iPad Pro

When Samsung launched the updated Galaxy Tab S3 earlier this year it made two very deep impressions: firstly that it was probably the best Android tablet ever created and, secondly, that it was hellishly expensive.

With yesterday's launch of the iPad Pro that second point is further driven home. The two compete directly in pretty much all areas, yet the iPad - even with the Pencil an optional extra - just looks a much better proposition.

Samsung has a few advantages, an included S-Pen, SAMOLED screen and USB-C expansion for example. All good features to pack, but given the additional storage on the iPad, the better Pencil support, plus the paucity of Android tablet apps or, indeed, platform upgrades; I just don't see many people choosing this over an equivalent priced iPad Pro or even the Surface Pro m3.

Here in New Zealand all three machines go for the same $1099. Which puts the Tab S3 in a solid third place for value. 

There just doesn't seem to be a solid market for a premium Android tablet - even one as nice as the Tab S3. Especially when Samsung sells the almost as good Tab A 10.1, with S-Pen and 4G for a much more appealing $699.

The Tab S3 has plenty to attract buyers, but its price point needs to be closer to $899 to have any kind of customer appeal.


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