Releasing New iPads With Old Software Seems Like The Wrong Thing To Do

Apple's newest iPad is available on the market today. The new devices bring a number of hardware improvements over their predecessors but without the gloss of iOS 11 it feels like half the shine is missing.

Why release new iPads now? In four months time the new iPhones will be released and the iPad could follow with all of its many strengths intact. Using the new iPad Pro feels somehow underwhelming. It works just like its predecessor.

Yes the new screen is amazing and a little bigger - although don't be fooled, the device has got larger to accommodate the extra inch of diagonal so none of your existing cases will work. The pencil is faster, apparently. Personally I'd say you'll be hard pressed to notice the difference. But most of the hardware upgrades are on things that nobody has been asking for. To my knowledge nobody has said 'those iPad Pros are nice, but I wish the screen was better' or 'I love my iPad but it's just so slow'.

The 'big thing' about the new iPad is what it is able to do with iOS 11.

Maybe that's the problem for Apple. The new generation iPad will share most of its whizz bang features with all other iPads as soon as the update drops. Yes it might be hair faster or nicer to look at, but aside from the faster Pencil response and the extra screen space on the 10.5" model, there's really very little change.

Right now Apple can sell the new iPad Pro on the promise of the future. Hoping customers will choose to upgrade even if their current iPad would be getting all the new features as part of iOS 11 anyway.

Which means I can't see much value in updating anything later than an iPad Air, unless you are going to use the Pencil. The iPad Pro is an expensive machine, you're going to need to see some value for dropping all those dollars for the device and for owners of reasonably recent iPad I don't see it.

This seems to be Apple's biggest issue with its whole iPad business. It can't make new models substantially different from the ones customers already have. Which makes an upgrade much harder to sell.

iOS 11 is what makes the biggest difference on the new iPad Pro and the new hardware, fine as it is, just isn't a powerful enough selling point.


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