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Pandora Pulls Out Of Australia And New Zealand, US Only Service Now

Pandora always struck me as a service you'd use if it were the first one you happened across and were disinterested enough in music to never bother changing. Its radio-like offering never struck me as something I'd choose to pay money for, having absolutely no advantages over true on demand streaming; and not something I'd choose to use for free, given its weakness compared to other free services.

With subscription based on-demand streaming finally on the cards it seems a strange time to be withdrawing from markets, but an announcement today confirmed exactly that - the two places where Pandora is available outside of the US - Australia and New Zealand - will shut up shop over the next few weeks.

For New Zealand at least, this plays into Spotify's hands. With an existing deal with Spark (NZ's number one mobile service provider) to provide premium subscriptions as part of both Pay As You GO and Post-Pay accounts it is in a position of strength. And its free tier is likely to be boosted by the sudden loss of service suffered by Pandora users.

Other services are available in NZ - Apple Music, Google Music and Microsoft Groove Music. I would guess that their combined subscriber numbers doesn't approach that of Spotify.

I guess the customers most likely to be peeved by this piece of news are Nissan owners, for whom the Pandora app is available through the Nissan Connect entertainment system. For the next few weeks anyway.